Recycle Strings

So you play a Guitar , Mandolin , Banjo , Sitar, Fidel or some other stringed instrument? Awesome!!!

I would like to help you recycle your used and broken strings and promote and advertise your musical talent.

How To Donate Strings

To donate contact Lily to make mailing, pick up or drop off arrangements or drop off at one of the following participating locations (to be announced).

If you are donating strings we would like to provide the best info we can to your fans and future fans alike.

The information that is displayed on every bracelet sold is the band or artists name and location of whom donated the string being used. If the string was broken at a specific concert or venue that can also be fun info to have on the tag

We would also like to add you to the artists section of our web site so we can provide more detailed information to followers about your music. Along with contact info and links to your web site it would be nice to provide information such as type of music, artist bios, band members names and positions and anything you feel important to promote your music.

Don’t forget your charitable cause. Please provide me with the name of the organization you would like 10% of profits from your strings to be donated to and if you wish, a reason why you have chosen this organization.